My Approach

Where there is love, there will also be grief. 


Our grief may come from the loss of a loved one through death, separation or divorce. Sometimes the loss we feel is experienced with a family member or friend living with a chronic illness or dementia.  We may experience other kinds of loss when diagnosed with a life limiting illness or when we observe the decline that can come with aging.  We may also have feelings of loss during life transitions such as those in midlife or retirement, or perhaps we may have held a dream for our future close to our hearts and it slips away.


With any of these experiences, loss can feel disorienting, you may feel angry, confused and numb, out of balance. Gina Belton, PhD will coach you in gently cultivating, nourishing, and sustaining a fresh sense of balance, where you will welcome humility, vulnerability, acceptance and gratitude. In this fresh space of balance, you may open to the borderlands within yourself as well as others, making way for the intimacy and connection you long for in living a soulful life--even as you breathe your last breath.

20 years as an educator in both the academic, clinical and community settings, as well as a robust clinical career in nurse culture inspired Dr. Belton's research as a thanatologist in existential medicine. Taking up an ecopsychological lens, Gina braids together the healing wisdom of the Indigenous Knowledge System with depth psychology, existential humanistic and transpersonal psychology in her approach published as Cultivating an Ethic of Radical Hospitality(c)Cultivation of an Ethic of Radical Hospitality(c) is an integrative practice, that is relational and culturally sensitive, as well as intentionally inclusive and adaptive to the particular needs of each client. Most important, this practice of Cultivating an Ethic of Radical Hospitality(c) is self directed, by YOU.

This way of knowing, being and doing supports your practice of integrating body, mind and spirit as you turn toward realizing your authentic self in life transitions, aging, life limiting illness, dying, loss, and grief.

"Not everything we face can be changed,

but nothing, can be changed until it is faced."

~~James Baldwin~~


Gina Belton, PhD gently coaches your experience of balance, resilience, and healing in meeting your unique grief experience:

  • Individual and/or Family coaching. 

  • Group Coaching

  • Organizational coaching and Community responses to collective grief

"As if awakening from a bad dream, the poet feels the wonder of the breeze, bringing an awareness that he has survived the tragedy and is alive."

~Stephen Murphy- Shigumatsu~

Personal or Professional Mentoring 

Mentoring offers insight. Mentors function as a catalyst—an agent that provokes a reaction that might not otherwise have taken place.  A unique kind of coaching and support, mentoring can offer you fresh eyes for re-visioning an enhanced vitality and satisfaction with your life and/or career.

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Education. Programs. Community Events.

Education and Workshops

"Love and justice are not two. without inner change, there can be no outer change; without collective change, no change matters."

~Angel Kyodo Williams~

A scholar activist, Dr. Belton offers community education in both workshop and retreat settings.  Along with her skillful companion educators, you are invited to engage in inspired opportunities for personal and collective transformation.  These soulful events cover a range of topics from aging to end of life, the thriving caregiver, the many faces of grief both individual and collective, inviting 

participants to explore self- compassion and mindful responses to these topics and most importantly, to their lives.


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